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Basing the own technical features and advantages and targeting the development trend of new materials, the Institute is engaged in R&D, pilot plant test and achievements transfer, engineering research and consulting service regarding preparation technology of various high-purity rare earth oxides, high-purity rare earth metals and their alloy, production technology of rare earth functional materials, hydrometallurgical technology of rare earth metal, analysis and test technology on rare earth metals, etc. The Institute stands in the leading level of the world in its research on scandium oxide and scandium metal, Al-Sc intermediate alloy, high-purity medium and heavy rare earth oxide, rare earth ultra-fine powder, high-purity rare earth metal and alloy profile, rare earth hydrogen storage materials, lanthanum hexaboride cathode materials, rare earth laser crystal materials, rare earth NdFeB materials, rare earth magnetostrictive materials, etc.

◆ 1.High-purity rare earth oxide, scandium oxide and scandium-zirconium ceramic powder
The Institute has been concentrating on researching industrial preparation technology of high-purity rare earth oxides since 1980s. Till now we have built a production line of laser crystal-grade high-purity rare earth oxide with an annual production of 800 kg so as to produce the laser crystal rare earth oxide for military product purpose with the purity more than 99.99%, ......【MORE】

◆ 2.Rare earth hydrogen storage material
The Institute is internationally leading in the approach to developing the earth hydrogen storage material.

◆ 3.High-purity rare earth metal, high-purity metal target material
The Institute has been devoted to the preparation research of high-purity rare earth since 1992, and till now it has produced 16 kinds of single high-purity rare earth metal products (Sc, Sm, Yb, Tm, etc.) with absolute purity up to 99.99%, except for radioactive Pm.In particular, the purity of rare earth metal Sc has reached over 99.999%. The Institute took charge of drafti ......【MORE】

◆ 4.Rare earth modified alloys, aluminum-scandium alloy materials
Our Institute occupies technical advantages in research field of rare earth master alloy, especially specialized in the research and development of some master alloy like Al-RE, Mg-RE and Cu-RE. Our Institute drew up national standard of “Al-Sc master alloy” (XB/T 402-2008) in rare earth industry. All the Al-Sc master alloy products manufactured by us are accredited as national key new products by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It also provides key raw materials for developing such......【MORE】

◆ 5.Rare Earth NdFeB Magnetic Materials
Since the late 1980s, our Institute has undertaken the research and development of NdFeB magnetic materials. After years of research, development and testing, we've formed our own characteristics and advantages in the production of sintered NdFeB permanentmagnet materials and surface protection. Hunan Rare Earth New Energy Material Co., Ltd. set up by virtue of the technological advantages of our Institute can perform steady mass production of high-performance sintered NdFeB magnet......【MORE】

◆ 6.Cathode Material Series
Our Institute researches and produces rare earth boride powder and its polycrystalline cathode materials, in which the relative density of polycrystals like LaB6 is up to 95% or more. Our Institute took charge of drafting the industry standard of “Lanthanum Hexaboride” (XB/T501-2008). Moreover, the Institute provides LaB6 products for national key research projects of The 510th Institute, No. 5 Academy of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation. Their stable performance guarantees ......【MORE】

◆ 7.Project Services
With first-class technical equipment, top talents and a variety of rare earth processing technologies and tools available, our Institute is advanced enough in technical reserve ranging from rare earth mining, separation, refining to material processing to provide R&D and technical services with respect to relevant technology of rare earth smelting and separation.

◆ 8.Rare Earth Materials for Lighting and Display
We resolve to improve and optimize the existing technology to fulfill the key technology research into the industrialization of rare eart h fluorescent powder and fluorescent tubes, to prepare high performance rare earth multi-component fluorescent powder and high -performance fluorescent tubes for realizing the industrialization of rare earth luminescent materials, to develop and apply new LED, PPD rare earth luminescent materials , and to establish the application system of rare earth luminescent ma......【MORE】

◆ 9.Rare Earth Catalyst Materials
We are dedicated to developing various kinds of products, including new type of petroleum cracking catalysts with the characteristics of high activity, selectivity, and resistance to heavy metal poisoning, efficient rare earth catalysts for automobile exhaust purification, ,and rare earth catalyst materials and devices for industrial waste gas and sewage treatment.

◆ 10.Analysis & Testing Services
Our Institute undertook the drafting of multiple analytical methods for national rare earth standard and the R&D of standard samples. It has been a rare earth analytical testing center authorized by Hunan provincial Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision and has obtained the national laboratory accreditation. So we can assume a multitude of jobs involving the R&D of various metal e lements contained in inorganic chemical products, water and soil, nonferrous metals, minerals, rare earth products, rare earth & scandium techniques, testing techniques and methods, as well asprovide such analysis testing services as the technical guidance training for analysts and inspectors, etc.

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