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Hunan Rare Earth New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is our Institute's holding company and was co-built by Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Group(XEMC) and Jishan High-tech. .With registered capital of RMB 216 million Yuan, it specializes in R&D and application of green lighting, wind power generation and other new energy materials. The on-going industrialization projects include rare earth permanent magnet materials project and rare earth lighting project.

Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Materials Project: invested with RMB 860 million Yuan, it was planned to be constructed in two phases: the first phase project had been finished with the production capacity of 1000 tons of NdFeB Magnets used for wind power generator and 500 tons of high-grade NdFeB permanent magnet materials like N48-N52, annual output value of RMB 1,000 million Yuan and annual average profit tax of RMB 200 million Yuan; the second phase project will reach the aim of annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials and 20,000 sets of rare earth permanent magnet electrical machines, so as to achieve annual output value of RMB 5,000 million Yuan and annual average profit tax of 1,000 million Yuan. it undertook the new materials' R&D of national rare earth metal and the special industrialization project entitled "Industrialization Demonstrative Project of Ultra-high-grade sintered NdFeB Magnets for Special Motor".

Rare Earth Lighting Project: the first phaseproject had been accomplished with an annual production capacity of 200 tons of rare earth phosphor powder and 10 million of rare earth energy-saving lamps, achieving annual output value of RMB 400 million Yuan. With the approved design and construction qualification, engineering projects, like roads and tunnels, have been carried out... The second phase project is planned to build up an annual output capacity of 1000 tons of rare earth phosphor powder and 50 million finished lamps, achieving RMB 1,000 million Yuan of sales income and becoming Hunan's largest and China's influential manufacturing enterprise of green lighting products.

Taojiang Ruilong Metal New Materials Co.,Ltd. is a sino-foreign joint venture, which is majority-owned by our Institute, and mainly engaged in technological R&D, deep-processing, production, sales, analysis & inspection and consulting service of crude scandium enrichment, refined high-purity scandium oxide and new-type fuel cell materials. It inherites technologies from Hunan Rare Earth Metal Material Research Institute and further develops “Large-scale Enrichment and Extraction Technology of Trace Scandium, Refining Technology of High-Purity Scandium Oxide”. Through making partnership with many domestic titanium dioxide enterprises, it pushes the breakthroughs in continuous scale production of scandium oxide from kg-grade to ton-grade.

Hunan Xinsheng Rare Earth Materials Co., a subsidiary wholly funded by our Institute. A base has been built for recycling, separating and smelting rare earth and producing single rare earth oxide and rare earth metal materials, etc. in Taojiang, Yiyang by restructuring the original Taojiang Smelting Factory.

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