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Rare Earth Metal and Alloy Research Institute is engaged in the research, development and production of rare earth metal, intermediate alloy,rare earth cathode materials and rare earth functional materials.

●Main products include high-purity rare earth metal and targets, rare earth metal and its nitride, hydride powder, rare earth boride, various rare earth alloys with iron, copper, aluminum and magnesium, rare earth rod, sheet, foil, wire and granule.

●Leading in domestic research fields of nuclear reactor neutron detection sheet and independently- developed Mg-Sc alloy, Al-Sc alloy

●Two China '863' Projects: ultra-high-purity rare earth metal and alloy study in making energy-efficient and Eco-friendly equipment

Rare Earth New Energy Material Research Institute is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnetic material and rare earth lighting.

● Specializing in research, development production and sales of rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnets and rare earth lighting products.

● Leading in domestic fields of rare earth magnet for wind power generation

Rare Earth Energy-Storage Materials Research Institute is mainly engaged in the research and application of energy storage materials of hydrogen isotopes.

● Consistent participant in China National major science and technology projects from the seventh7th five-year plan to the eleventh11th five-year plan

● Two China national projects: tritium storage and tritium purification study, high-performance tritium storage materials research

● World-leading technology and achievement

Analysis and Test Institute is the only unit who is capable of developing a COMPLETE series of analysis and detection of rare earth elements.It is mainly engaged in the analysis and detection of rare earth material and rare metals.

● Provide 15 kinds of standard substances of sole high-purity 5N rare earth oxide and scandium oxide

● Participants in drafting the China national rare earth analysis standards

● World-leading analyzing and testing instruments

● Authorized CMA (China Metrology Accreditation) member of Hunan Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision

● Changsha Rare Earth Analysis&Detection Platform

● Authorized member of China National Accreditation Service (CNAS)

Metallurgy Research Institute is mainly engaged in the extraction and application of scandium.

● Technical support on rare earth smelting and separation technology

● Hunan Rare Earth Material Engineering Center

● China national 863 Project: high-purity rare earth oxide study

● China national project - the R&D and Industrialization of Rare Earth Metals and New Materials 2012:Research on Key Technology and Industrialization of High-Performance Rare Earth Sc Modified Materials

Rare Earth Alloy Factory is the leader in the research of rare earth alloyed magnesium and aluminum in China. Some of its products are even in line with international standard.

● Designated manufacturer of rare earth alloyed magnesium and aluminum for military equipment

● Most intensive and complete range of rare earth alloyed products in China

● Joint development of rare earth alloyed metals with leading industrial companies and universities

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Address:2nd Longyuan Road Longping Hi-tech Park Furong District Changsha Hunan Province P. R. China.

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