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HUNAN RARE EARTH METAL MATERIAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE is one of China's earliest organizations that specialized in the research and development of rare earth applications. The institute possesses a team of professionals with extensive expertise in a multitude of rare earth technologies including mining, separation, smelting and material processing. Among our 360 full-time employers, 60 percent are professional technicians and over 60 hold advanced degrees.

Facts at a glance:
● Founded in 1958
● Major Hi-Tech Enterprise of China Torch Program
● China National Award Winner for outstanding contribution to the 'Two Bombs and One Satellite' Program
● Member of China Rare Earth Standardization Committee
● Major contributor to China rare earth industrial standard formulation
● One of the 242 restructured institutes under China State Council
● Over 1000 senior research projects
● Three hundred and sixty Technical Innovation Awards
● Twenty China national patents, two hundred scientific and technical awards above provincial level
● Hunan Rare Earth Material Engineering Research Center
● Hunan Rare Earth Energy Material Engineering Research Center
● Rare Earth Metal and Alloy Engineering Center under China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
● Hunan Rare Earth Analysis and Detection Center
● Enterprise Technology Center of Hunan Rare Earth Metal Material Institute

Telephone:0731-85581619 Fax:0731-85580996 Zip code:410126

Address:2nd Longyuan Road Longping Hi-tech Park Furong District Changsha Hunan Province P. R. China.

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